Our focus on quality means we only stock the best equipment from the worlds leading manufacturers.
We are appointed distributors for the FLUKE and ENETICS power quality and monitoring products.
PEML is also an agent for the SYNERGY fixed and portable energy metering equipment.

Our Product Ranges

  • Enetics PowerScape Energy Monitoring products and software

    The Enetics PowerScape and PowerNode products and software provide complete management and monitoring solutions and can be used in the following application areas Demand Curtailment And Load Management Facility Energy Management Power Quality Monitoring Substation Monitoring
  • Power Quality Analysers From Fluke

    Fluke offers an extensive range of power analysers for troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and long-term recording and analysis in industrial applications and utilities.

    Power Quality Troubleshooters

    Dedicated power and power quality clamp meters for front line troubleshooting. Single-phase and three-phase power quality analysers for predictive maintenance, quality of service compliance testing and load studies.

    Power Quality Loggers

    Power loggers for characterizing power quality, conducting load studies and capturing hard-to-find voltage events over a user-defined period of time.

    Power Quality Recorders

    Advanced power quality recorders for capturing comprehensive details of power disturbances, trend analysis and Class-A ‘quality-of-service’ compliance testing over a user-defined period of time.
  • Sinergy Energy Management Products

    Sinergy Energy Management offer a range of sub metering and portable recorder products to help organisations cut energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. They constantly pioneer new and effective solutions and develop products which help monitor, regulate and cut energy use, saving costs.