SINERGY KLIK 22 Multi-function Clip-on KWh Meter

The KLIK22 sub-metering system is a multi-function clip-on kWh product, delivering companies with the means of identifying potential cost reductions by showing exactly where their power is being used and therefore enabling cost effective measures to be put in place. The KLIK system is very fast and cost effective to install, all connections are plug-in. Pulse outputs and CT’s can be wired in low grade cable up to distances of 1km. Fitting is easy, supplies do not need to be isolated or cables disconnected and separate cubicles, panel cut outs and CT mounting kits are all unnecessary. Bobbin CT’s can even piggy back onto the 5A secondaries of existing CT’s or ammeter switch wiring.


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Energy profile detail can be collected by Building Management Systems (BMS), outstations or data loggers or any combination. KLIK22 meter pulses can be wired through buildings or transmitted across site by low power radio, across country by modem, or to a web site by GSM using additional equipment. KLIK V-Trac takes the concept of non-invasive installation one stage further. As well as using clip on CT’s, KLIK V-Trac only needs 1 phase voltage connection. It then creates the 3 phase voltage measurement vectors in a safe, quick and very convenient way.

Feature Summary

  • Plug in connections, DIN rail fitting
  • Displays all measurements
  • Hi peak demand alarm option
  • On site multi pulse programming
  • Use clip-on, bobbin or Flexeclamp Current Transformers (CT’s)
  • Long distance CT wiring options



Current Input Bobbin, hinged clip-on or Flexeclamp CT’s: 800mV FSD
Current Range 10A to 3000A full scale
Voltage Range: 3ØAC: 380/440V, 1ØAC: 110/100V and 210/250V,  3Ø V Trac: 210/250V
Consumption 0.5VA max
Insulation 2.5kV for 1 minute
Connection Wired voltage plug, wired CT leads up to 1km
Pulse Wiring 2 core signal cable to 1km


Hi-contrast custom 7 digit LCD
Page change by key or auto scroll, 5 sec. display value refresh
Indication Displayed unit title. Secure prompted set up routine
Volatility Non volatile, auto restart after power outage
PULSE Compatible with BMS Outstation ‘digital’ inputs


Pulse relays Optically isolated volt free N.O. contacts 24V/100mA
Pulse Duration/Rate 120ms, max rate 3 pulses per sec. 2secs to order
Pulse value (kWh) input dependant, for <80A-0.01, 100A-800A-0.1, >1000A-1.0


Output SPNO relay 24V/100mA. Contacts to external circuitry
Prediction Moving 15 or 30min averaging window calculation
Reset Automatic where average falls to set point


Materials: HDPS, SE87
Climatic Operating Temperature: -10°C to +55°C. 95% RH (NC)
Protection Module: IP20, Enclosure: IP55
Calibration: IEC1036
Safety: IEC6 1010-1
EMC: EN55022/50082

Klik22 datasheet

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For more information please contact Power and Energy Monitors directly

To purchase this product, please click on the link