SINERGY Flexclamp AC Current Transducer

The SINERGY Flexclamp, flexible AC current transducers cover a wide range of sizes, current ranges and output levels to standard or OEM specifications. SINERGY has pioneered the development of air cored clip-on and flexible Rogowski CT’s and have been in volume production since 1986. Superior construction techniques ensure wide dynamic range and bandwidth, low phase error and true rms current, AC or DC voltage outputs facilitate accurate kWh measurement.

Flexclamp Current Transducers

Fkexclamp CT’s work perfectly with:-

  • Portable Energy Monitors
  • Sub-metering systems
  • Harmonic analysers
  • Bench top instrumentation

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Flexeclamp transducers have many advantages over iron cored CT’s, offering minimal weight and mass and the ability to clip round all types of conductors. Standard Sinergy Flexeclamps
are unique in having a hybrid integrator/buffer integrated into the clip assembly, which is digitally calibrated and consumes less than 1mA that can often be derived from the power supply of the  host. At an operational level the absence of an iron core means that the Flexeclamp does not store any energy, has no hysteresis or turns ratio errors and as such cannot saturate, which means a Flexeclamp transducer cannot be damaged by overload conditions and does not generate an open circuit secondary shock potential.

The length of a Flexeclamp should be chosen to match, as far as is practical, the circumference or the periphery of the conductor.
This ensures that the conductor occupies the most favourable position centred within the loop of the coil.
Excessive coil length can be a safety hazard in confined areas.
Stretching or twisting can cause coil damage.
IP rating should be chosen to match the maximum current expected.

Product Options

Externally powered units 5, 9, 12, 24Vdc supply

Flexeclamp Clip F30: Length 300mm, IP 500A Accuracy 2.0%, Capacity 20mm x 85mm, Loops 1
Flexeclamp Clip F40: Length 400mm, IP 1000A, Accuracy 2.0%, Capacity 30mm x 120mm, Loops 1
Flexeclamp Clip F50: Length 500mm, IP 2000A, Accuracy 2.0%, Capacity 50mm x 160mm, Loops  1
Flexeclamp Clip F60: Length 600mm, IP 2000A, Accuracy 2.5%, Capacity 60mm x 200mm, Loops 2
Flexeclamp Clip F70: Length 700mm 3000A, Accuracy 3.0% 60mm x 250mm, Loops 2
Flexeclamp Clip F100: Length 1000mm, IP 3000A, Accuracy 3.0%, Capacity 75mm x 350mm, Loops 3


Flexeclamp Operational Specifications

Construction: to BSEN61010-2-032
Mouldings: polycarbonate UL94-Vo
Coil Former/sleeve: HPDF/PVC
Coil Sheath Diameter: 11mm. Plug width 14mm
Bend Radius: 30mm min.
Operational Temp: – 20°C -+ 85°C at 90% RH (NC)
Weight: Including 2m lead (Fx30) 120g, with Fx100 250g

ELECTRICAL Specifications

Current Range: 100A full scale to 3000A full scale, 3000A to 10000A (extended range)
Standard output: true rms 0.5mV/A, 1.0mV/A,
Output: DC 0-10v
Coil only output: 0.21mV/A typ. (NB. 90° out of phase)
Insulation: coil closed 5kVrms for 1min. Pulse 6.5kV
External Power Source: 5v/1mA regulated, 6,9,12V unregulated
Output lead: Screened 3 core x 2m., extendible to 15m.

Measurement’s (25°C. 10%-100% FS rating, 50/60Hz)

Accuracy: <±1% of FS, <+2.5% of reading
Position Sensitivity: <±2% change, Bus bar centre to periphery
Phase Shift: Max 1°, typical <0.5° at 50Hz
External Field Effect: Full rejection adjacent bus >1 diameter away
Frequency Bandwidth: 25Hz to 5kHz, + -2dB Max. Typ –1dB



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