SINERGY e-TRacKER Portable Energy Meter


The e-Tracker is a portable kWh meter, allowing you to monitor the incoming power supply to show the pattern of demand over an hour, day, week or month. e-Tracker’s portability gives the flexibility to use it for measuring circuits and specific equipment without the need to have a fixed sub-metering solution. e-Tracker’s practicality extends down to individual loads enabling trials to be done on manufacturing control parameters such as temperature, pressure, speed or material specification and if product quality is to be maintained then the reduced kWh usage can influence whether this manufacturing trial should be adopted permanently.

e-Tracker identifies where your energy is wasted

The e-Tracker also displays average and peak demand to enable the calculation of load factor, and through measurement it creates a pattern of usage. This information helps to determine any causes of demand excursions and potential unauthorised consumption. Phase current imbalance affects energy costs by increasing temperature losses on neutral or phase cables and distribution transformers.

e-Tracker helps you make informed business decisions

Poor power factor causes higher currents to flow for the equivalent plant energy conversion compared with unity power factor. e-Tracker will help determine if distribution wiring needs to be re-routed or whether departmental or machine level power factor correction would be cost effective. The cost of expanding production or occupancy can be drastically reduced if e-Tracker proves that the capacity of an existing distribution transformer and cables are accurate.

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Product Features

  • e-Tracker works with a wide range of current transformers (CT’s), including split core and bobbin
  • Measures current from 10A to 2500A
  • Magnetic product back for easy mounting
  • Optional voltage connections
  • CT amps range indicator
  • EV-Trac electrostatic phase identifier
  • Data is downloadable via USB memory stick
  • Operate from mains supply or battery (16 days battery life)
  • Optical or magnetic gas meter reader available

Kit Comprising

  • e-Tracker unit with integral EV-Trac
  • Single Phase and Three phase Voltage reference converter
  • Set of 3 F30-1000 Dual range flexeclamp CT’s 30cm – 1000Amps/200Amps
  • Set of 3 fused volt clips
  • Single phase lead, EV-Trac phase identity probe
  • Report and graphical analysis software
  • 1 x USB memory stick
  • Carry case
  • Total kit weight 4kg


e-Tracker Operational Specifications

Current Input Clip-On or Flexeclamp CTs, 400mV FS output
Current Range 50Amps full scale to 2500Amps full scale
3Ø Voltage Direct: 450V L-L 50Hz via voltage Clips
1Ø Voltage Direct: 240V 50Hz via 1Ø socket outlet
Voltage Nominal Adjustable 1Ø 220V +/- 10%, 3Ø 400V +/-10%
Pulse Input Volt free contact interface option
Rechargeable Battery 4V/2.5AH battery (Integral charger via voltage connection)
Battery life Approx 2 weeks of recorded current and calculated kVA only
Insulation inc CT 2.5kV for 1min
Connection Leads CT to Plug 1.5m

ACCURACY (True RMS measurement of voltage & current)
Clip-On CT’s +/-1% percentage of reading @25°C & 10% -100%IP
Flexeclamp CTs +/-2% of reading within conditions as above
Material ABS case with insulated magnetic mounting panel
Climatic Operation Temperature -10°C-+50°C, 95% RH (NC), IP30 protection

IEC 1036 and IEC 61010-1
EMC EN55022:1994, EN50082 Pt.1 1992

Capacity to store 16,000 lines of all parameters, either on one file or as an aggregate total on up to five separate recording files. Recording will stop when the memory is full.



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To purchase this product, please click on the link