Fluke1760 Three-Phase Quality recorder

Class-A compliance for the most demanding power quality testing

The Fluke 1760 is a Class A high performance power quality recorder, monitors all power quality parameters to IEC61000-4-30 offering versatile triggering, transient analysis and GPS time synchronization. Complies with IEC61000-4-30 class A


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General Features

The Fluke1760 is designed for troubleshooting in utility and industrial power distribution systems
in medium and low voltage networks. It provides the flexibility to customize thresholds, algorithms
and measurement selections with advanced trigger settings allowing the expert user to optimize the
1760 for each application to capture exactly the data required. Data can be transferred to a computer
directly or via an Ethernet network and retrieved during logging without interrupting the measurements.

Power quality statistics according to EN50160 and DISDIP tables like ITIC, CEBEMA, ANSI
Events: Dips, swells and interruptions are detected and stored with time-stamp
Continuous Recording: The Fluke1760 records RMS values together with corresponding min / max values for
Voltage, Current, Power P, Q, S, Power Factor, kWh, Flicker, Unbalance, Frequency and Harmonics/Inter-harmonics
Mains Signalling: Phases and N-conductor, Voltage and current
On-line Mode: Variable refresh rate. This feature allows verification of instrument set up and delivers a quick overview of oscilloscope, transients and events


  • Perform high-speed transient analysis and uncover root cause of equipment malfunction
  • The fast transient option with its 6kV measurement range, allows the capture of lightning strikes
  • Validate Class-A quality-of-service compliance of incoming power quality at the service entrance
  • Event correlation at multiple locations using the GPS time synchronization to detect where a fault first occurred
  • Complete measurements  with Galvanic separation and DC coupling such as on UPS systems
  • Power quality and power load studies


Measurement inputs

Inputs: 8 galvanic isolated inputs for voltage and current measurements.
Sensor safety: up to 600V CAT IV depending on sensor
Nominal voltage (rms) : 100mV
Range (peak value): 280mV
Overload capacity (rms): 1000V continuously
Voltage rise rate: max. 15kV / μs
Input filter: Each channel is equipped with a passive low-pass filter and anti-aliasing filter

Environment conditions

Operating temp. range: 0°C to +50°C (32 °F to +122°F)
Working temp. range: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
Storage temp. range: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
Operating altitude: 2000m, 600V CAT IV, power supply: 300V CAT III
Operating altitude: 5000m: max 600V CAT III, power supply: 300V CAT II
Power supply: 230V ±10%,
Power frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Housing insulated, robust plastics housing
EMC Emission: Class-A as per IEC/EN 61326-1
EMC Immunity: IEC/EN 61326-1
Power supply Range: 83Vac 264Vac, 45Hz to 65Hz. 100Vdc to 375Vdc
Safety: IEC/EN 61010-1 2nd edition, 300V CAT III
Power consumption: 54VA
Battery pack: NIMH 7.2V, 2.7Ah
(The internal battery maintains the supply for up to 40 minutes. The battery can be replaced by the user.)
Display: 3-color LED indicators show the status of each of the 8 channels, phase sequence,


Single colour LED for the power supply
Data memory: 2GB Flash memory (depending on model)


Ethernet 100MB/s
RS232 interface 9.6k to 115k baud

Dimensions and Weight

(H x W x D) 325mm x 300mm x 65mm (2.8in x 11.8in x 2.6 n.)
appr. 4.9kg (10.8lbs) (without accessories)



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