Fluke 1740 Series Power Quality Data Loggers

Fluke Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers give you fast, easy access to the data you need to make critical power quality and energy decisions in real-time.

Compact and rugged, the Fluke 1740 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers are designed specifically for technicians and engineers who need the flexibility to troubleshoot, quantify energy usage and analyse power distribution systems and  fully compliant with international power quality standards such as IEC 61000-4-30 and capable of simultaneously logging up to 500 parameters while also capturing events, the Fluke 1740 Series helps uncover intermittent and hard-to-find power quality issues more easily than ever.

The “Energy Analyse” plus software quickly assesses the quality of power at the service entrance, substation, or at the load, according to national and international standards like EN 50160 and IEEE 519.

Applications include:-

Disturbance analysis – Uncover the root cause of equipment malfunction for corrective and predictive maintenance

Quality of service compliance – Validate incoming power quality

Power quality Studies – Assess baseline power quality to validate compatibility with critical systems before installation

Load studies – Verify electrical system capacity before adding new or additional loads

Energy and power quality assessment – Validate facility improvements by quantifying power factor and quality levels before and after improvements

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The only analysis tool you need to easily track down all your power and related problems.

The Fluke 1740 series includes three rugged and portable monitor products, designed for easy installation and use.

Fluke1742, 1746 and 1748

  • Fluke 1742: The base power logger providing measurement of voltage and current, inter-harmonics, mains signalling, unbalance, and frequency.
  • Fluke 1746: An advanced power quality logger including the measurement capability of the 1742, plus additional monitoring such as mains signalling, unbalance, and frequency.
  • Fluke 1748: The ultimate power logger offering all of the functionality of the Fluke 1742 and 1746, plus transient event logging and Waveform and RMS profiles recording .

Recording – All devices include internal Flash memory capable of recording 20 typical logging sessions up to 4 weeks at one minute intervals and 500 events

Battery – All models include an internal four hour lithium rechargeable backup battery to withstand temporary power outage disruptions

Interface – All models include Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB communication options

Voltage and Current Measurement

Input range: 1000V max @0.1V resolution, +/- 0.1% of nominal voltage
Current Measurement Range: (depending on current clamp used)

i17xx-flex 1500IP 24” 1500A; 150A to 1500A, resolution 0.01A (@min. 1.5A)  0.1A, accuracy ±1% + 0.02% (0.01A), ±1% + 0.02% (0.1A)
i17xx-flex 3000IP 24” 3000A: 300A to 3000A, resolution 0.01A (min. 3.0A) 0.1A, accuracy ±1% + 0.03% (0.01A), ±1% + 0.03% (0.1A)
i17xx-flex 6000IP 36” 6000A: 600A to 6000A, resolution 0.01A (min. 6.0A) 0.1A, accuracy ±1.5% + 0.03 %(0.01A), ±1.5% + 0.03% (0.1A)
i40s-EL clamp: 4A to 40A, resolution 1mA (4A) 10mA (40A), accuracy ±0.7% + 0.02% (4A), ±0.7% + 0.02% (40A)

Connection Configurations

Delta, 2-Element Delta, Wye, Single Phase, Split Single Phase

Power supply

Functional Range: 100VAC to 500VAC 50Hz / 60Hz (using standard safety plug from the measurement circuit)
100VAC to 240VAC 50Hz / 60Hz (using the MA-C8 adapter and standard power cord)

Power consumption: 15VA (using MA-C8 adapter)

Display indicators

Basic led indicators for communication status


Internal Flash EPROM

Capture Intervals

Memory storage: linear, circular with interval lengths of 1, 5, 10 and 30 seconds up to 1, 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes


USB – mini – B and USB – A, WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth (for Fluke Connect)


Harmonics: IEC 61000-4-7: Class 1
IEEE 519 (short time and very short time harmonics)
Power quality: IEC 61000-4-30 Class A, IEC 62586-1, IEC 62586-2 (PQI-A-PI device)
Power: IEEE 1459
Power Quality Compliance: EN 50160


General: IEC 61010-1: Pollution Degree 2
Measurement: IEC 61010-2-033: CAT IV 600 V / CAT III 1000 V
Power Supply: Over voltage Category IV, Pollution Degree 2
Li-ion Battery: IEC 62133

Dimensions and weight

23.0cm x 18.0cm x 5.4cm (9.1in x 7.1in x 2.1in)
1 kg (2.2lb)

Fluke1742 data Sheet

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