Enetics LM5400 Series Portable Power Analyser/Recorder

The LM5400 series is comprised of two unique 3-phase 600v recorders (LM5410 and LM5415) each capable of simultaneously recording all energy parameters including frequency for 4 voltages and 4 currents. The 5415 adds disturbance (sags, swells), both Voltage and Current individual and THD and waveform recording. The fourth voltage and current channels can record neutral ground voltage and neutral or ground current. These units provide practical power monitoring needs by providing all the features required by your front-line personnel.

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LM5410 provides

Three Phase 600v Monitoring and Recording
Power Quality + Power Consumption
Months of Storage Capacity
Automatic Remote Notification/Alarms
Optional Ethernet; Wireless; or Telephone Communications
Οptional Self-Powered dual range flexible SMART CT’s
IP65 weatherproof and ruggedised for field use
Selectable Internal Power
Small (10.75”x 8.5” x 4.5”) And Light (4 lbs)
Database/Analysis Software Included
CE Certified

The LM5415 adds

Disturbance monitoring for sags, swells on both voltage and current individually and THD, plus waveform capture recording (on event or time trigger), harmonic magnitude recording and paging (modem option required).

Input Channels:

Voltage   –    4 (single-ended)
Current   –    4


Voltage   –    20-600Vac
Current   –    CT Dependent (1-6000A)


Non-volatile 4MB.

Sample Rate/Response Time:

32 samples/cycle (128 samples/cycle every 7 sec for harmonic analysis)


Voltage: 0.1% reading + 0.1% FS
Current: 0.2% reading + 0.2% FS
Power: 0.5% reading + 0.01% FS
Power Factor: + 1%
THD: + 1%

Response Time/Recording Interval

Response Time:  1 cycle
Recording Interval: 15 sec to 1 hour (Wraparound)
Typical Recording Time: 15 Min Interval/16 Parameters   – 100 Days min 15 Min Interval/117 Parameters – 600 Days min
Software calculates recording time. Waveform capture reduces recording time dependent on number of events and number of cycles saved/event.


Up to 25th


Internal Modem Data Rate: 2.4 kbps
Serial Port: 57.6 kbps


85 – 265Vac, 50-440Hz
Run-through time: 10 sec


Operating Temp Range: -20C to +70C
Size: 8.5” x 7” x 2.7” (21.6 x 17.8 x 6.8 cm) Non-conductive Case
Weight: 3.5 lbs (1.6kg)


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To purchase or hire this product, please click on the link