Enetics LMS5700 PowerScape Software

“Your Complete View Into Your Power System Operation.”

The LMS5760 and LMS5770 software packages are part of the “PowerScape” Energy Management System and consists of two major components:

  • The SQL database
  • The charting and reporting software.

The database automatically aggregates data collected from one or more designated sites. Data is easily retrieved to generate the required charts and reports.  For user flexibility and extensibility, charts and reports are generated in Microsoft Excel. The Excel worksheet data file can then be exported in various formats and shared among users. Zooming and panning is available on the macro generated Excel charts. A key advantage of using an SQL database and Excel is that it is an “open” system, you are not locked into any suppliers’ proprietary software. You can retrieve any data available from the database and/or use the Excel data to generate additional charts and reports.

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The PowerScape software ships with Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) database.
The MSDE database has a 2GB limit per database.
Optionally, the system can be upgraded to use Microsoft SQL Server eliminating the 2GB size limitation.

Enetics PowerScape software is also used to program and manage PowerNode recorders, and to view real-time recorder readings and communications status information.  It is even possible to view real-time readings or aggregated power data from a user defined group of PowerNode recorders.

The LMS5760 PowerScape software is designed for single user functionality.
The LMS-5770 PowerScape Enterprise Software (network version) permits multiple users shared access to a single database.



PowerNode data collectors distributed on an Ethernet LAN

Each Node:
Records Three Phase Power Consumption And Power Quality.
Has Programmable Contact Outputs (Local Annunciation/Load Control).
Provides Real Time Data Over Your LAN.
Initiates Notification/Data Transfer On Disturbance Event.

System Software Included:
Non-Proprietary System. Single LAN Host Collects Data.
Built-In Data Security.
Aggregate Data For Site-Independent Defined Recorder “Groups”.
Tariff Based Reports.
Web-Browser-Based Data Access Without Special Application Software.
Analysis Engine Built on Microsoft Excel™.
Auto-Generated and Formatted Report Data
Multi-User Access.

High Performance – High Value

The PowerScape Power Monitoring System consists of multiple PowerNode Recorders monitoring and recording power consumption and power quality. Units distributed in a facility, including the service entrance, periodically and automatically upload data by direct cable connect, Ethernet links, or by land line phone as indicated in the system diagram. Collected data is stored in an SQL database and is available to all authorized users on the LAN or over the Internet. Enetics PowerScape Software allows users to query the database from directly within Microsoft ExcelTM to generate charts and reports using automated Enetics’ Excel-based Analysis Engine. Since the data is available in ExcelTM , users can easily do any needed additional analyses. The Enetics PowerScape Power Monitoring System makes critical information available to the personnel who need it! Key uses of this data are:

  • Improve Efficiency And Reduce Energy Cost
  • Reduce Demand Charges And Power Factor Penalties
  • Manage Curtailment Program Bidding/Assess Economic Benefit
  • Sub-Metering And Demand Aggregation At One Or Across Multiple Sites
  • Monitor And Document Incoming Power Quality
  • Track Down Problems
  • Receive Automatic Paging Alarms and Notifications on up to 12 Simultaneous



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